The Story Behind....


YOUNGS stands for YOUNG STERNA (the toughest young bird) a fashionable watch brand based in Seoul and Hong Kong. At 2013 Mr LAI, the founder saw a white bird with black head at Seoul built a nest on a cliff over 10 feet high, flying everyday all around the city up to the peak , down to the sea to ensure the survival of its children. LAI was inspired and he wants to create a watch to be highly resistant and fashionable to encourage the young generation to join more sport and different activates. He believes the only way to grow up is to face all challenge in life since “NO PAIN NO GAIN”. After a period of time, LAI realized the name of this bird calls “Sterna bernsteini”. Eventually he founded the brand with the company Hong Kong Precision Watch Company in 2014, who have over 30 years of watch design and manufacturing experience. Together they created the first collection of youngsterna in 2014. 

Message of YOUNGS


Sterna is one of the toughest birds in the world. The message of YOUNGS is simple, our new generation should be cool, unique and most important, tough. Everyone have their own talent and they must find their own way to survive in the real world. They must learn and grow after facing failure, frustration and accident , no one can teach them life but themselves.  




Life is all about survival, facing different challenges. No mission is impossible.



Young ones must go through all frustrations and failures, success will come with true ability.



Accept all unpredictably and unexpected incidents in life and never give up your hope.